Monday, 29 January 2018 23:17

How to convert game disc to PKG format

This video will show you how to dump your Playstation 4 disc game into installable PKG file format for backup purpose. 
You will need a PlayStation 4 console with firmware 4.05. And you only need to dump any game disc which has the maximum firmware 4.05 or earlier for now.  Please note that not all generated PKG archive playable on the console. 
Don't forget to download the required file in the description and follow the guide very carefully.
Goodluck and enjoy the video.


0:32 Intro

1:02 Setup the console

1:24 Files download

1:37 Extract the downloaded files to the computer

1:54 Run PS4 Exploit host

2:03 Insert game disc to the console

2:14 Setup Network connection

2:58 Open the exploit page

3:15 Use Xvortex FTP payload

3:28 Minimize the exploit page then run the game

3:39 Minimize the game

3:44 Dump files and folder from your console

6:34 Start building PKG file

9:26 Transfer the PKG to USB HDD

9:46 Reload the exploit then use the HEN payload

10:15 Install the PKG

10:37 Run the installed title


PS4 Exploit Host :
PKG Kitchen AIO :


How to run PS4 Exploit on firmware 4.05 :


ES_Airport Wait - Daniel


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