Thursday, 29 June 2017 07:07

How to download 3DS games using Wii U USB Helper

Wii U USB Helper is an application used to download Wii U games. But in its development, the Wii U USB helper can download 3DS games too. Including the game updates and its DLC. And it downloads directly from Nintendo servers. You can convert the game to be playable on Citra Emulator later.

This video will show you the 3DS part only. I have made a tutorial about downloading Wii U games using this application a while ago. You can check the related video from the link below

Enjoy the video.


Wii U USB Helper :
Citra Emulator :


Install Custom Firmware (Boot9strap) on 11.4 using DsiWare transfer :

Install Custom Firmware (Boot9Strap) on 9.0 - 11.3 using Soundhax :

Install Custom Firmware (Boot9Strap) on 11.4 using Hardmod :

Updating Arm9loaderhax to Boot9strap :

Updating Luma3DS,Boot9strap, Homebrew Launcher :

Install Freeshop :

Wii U USB Helper for Wii U :


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