Q: Are all of the items sold on this website brand new?

A: All of the items are brand new unless it is stated in the description or title

Q: When will you ship the item after completing the payment?

A: We will ship the item in about 3 - 5 days after receiving the payment

Q: Do you put insurance in every shipment?

A: Yes, we do, and the insurance value depends on the declared value.

Q: Why must we declare the item value for customs?

A: You must decide and declare the item your way as it affects the insurance value and import tax on your side later.

Q: Does every order include import tax?

A: No, it doesn't. You need to pay the import tax on your side later, which varies between countries.

Q: How to avoid or lower the import tax?

A: We can lower or declare the item as low as 100 USD only for game consoles, but you need to know that if something terrible happens, like the shipping company failing to deliver the item or loss, you mostly get at least 100 USD or less depending on the declared item value.

Q: Do all the pre-modded game consoles come with a warranty?

A: Pre-modded consoles come with a 2-month limited warranty. Limited means if we did something wrong with the installation, we might ask you to send to ship the item to someone that we refer, and we will cover all the charges, or in some cases, we will send you a return label, so you don't need to pay anything. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help or info.

Q: How can we return the product?

A: You must give us valid reasons why you don't like the product. For your info, we don't accept any returns unless we determine it is ok to proceed. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help or information.

Q: Can we pay you with Paypal?

A: We can only offer credit or debit card payment via or Crypto via

Q: Why is the currency displayed in Indonesian Rupiah?

A: We are located in Indonesia, and the local regulation requires us to put the prices in Indonesian Rupiah. However, you can see how much the item costs in USD or other currency using the currency selector on the top right of the page.

Q: Are you legit? How do we know you won't scam us?

A: We are legit and won't fool or scam you. You will receive a tracking number from either DHL or UPS after we ship your product, and you can track it. You can read our legit consumers' reviews worldwide on any of the displayed products. They are managed by

Q: How can we contact you for other info?

A: Please open this link and post your inquiry. Thank you