Sunday, 10 February 2013 23:40

Xecuter DGX 1.1S Sudah Dirilis

Team Xecuter merilis DGX versi 1.1 untuk Xbox 360S. Perbaikan DGX 1.1S lebih ditujukan untuk mesin Xbox 360 Trinity saja. Fungsi DGX ini sama dengan sebelumnya yaitu untuk mendapatkan CPU key pada mesin Xbox 360 Slim yang sudah terupdate ke dashboard versi 15574 ke atas.

DGX-V1 1S-4

DGX-V1 1S fullkit

Fitur DGX 1.1S :


  • Added 70cm 24WG POST_OUT Wire
  • Added a ceramic cap option (Point C29) between D and GND (same as CR3 Pro) - included an optional 10pf ceramic cap
  • Added a selectable 5ohm and 10ohm resistor to post_out (simple solder jumpers 1 Closed: 10ohm, 2 Closed: 5ohm, 3 Closed: 0ohm Default)
  • Added a a grounded IPEX socket (Point J1) for CPU_RST (10cm IPEX cable included)
  • Larger solder pads and stronger vias (C D E F 5v GND)
  • Removed JTAG pin header (Programming is not required - some users tried to program their DGX and damaged it)
  • Optimized code for enhanced Trinity performance. DGX 1.1 would boot the worst Trinity we had in 30 seconds (v1.0 booted in 2 minutes)
  • My preferred settings for Trinity were: D: 10cm IPEX to R4D4, C: 70cm 24AWG Wire , 10pf Cap Installed, 0ohm (Default)
  • My preferred settings for Corona were: D: 10cm IPEX to C5R11, C: Default wire, No Cap Installed, 10ohm

Harga DGX resmi : US$34.95


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