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Xecuter SX Pro Review and Usage

This video will show you about the Xecuter SX Pro. It is the ultimate modding tool for your Nintendo Switch. You can run custom firmware with this tool and you can run any games or homebrew app easily with the supplied dongle and RCM jig.




Troubleshooting / Tricks

- If you cant use the dongle after you purchased it, then maybe you need to charge the dongle for 5 seconds . That way, the dongle has a power to inject the payload into the console * Power on the console using the dongle will automatically load the SX OS custom firmware. * If you turn off the console completely, then you need to reinsert the dongle to turn it on

- If you press the power button while the console is completely off, then inserting the dongle will automatically boot the console.

- To boot into the SX OS Menu, you must press the volume up button while pressing the power button or while the screen is showing a SX OS splash screen.

- Press R+album to enter homebrew menu, press L+album to enter the original album

FILES SX Website :

NS Homebrew :


ES_Swerve Lands - Daniel Gunnarsson

ES_Lotus - Daniel Gunnarsson

ES_Rainbow Paintjob - Daniel Gunnarsson

ES_Airport Wait - Daniel Gunnarsson


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