Sunday, 09 April 2017 15:42

What We Know About Microsoft's Project Scorpio

Project Scorpio is a code name for the upcoming Microsoft's video game console which is due to be released at the end of 2017. It is not another Xbox One variants; it will be a new beast which features native 4K gaming, high-end fidelity VR and packed with high-end specs.

It is an ambitious project to regain the game developer back and at the same time trying to recreate the massive sales that are seen on Xbox 360 one decade ago. Microsoft decision to release some exclusives games to PC world with Xbox Play Anywhere made some fans think that Xbox is over. And let's not forget when in January 2017, Scalebound, the most anticipated exclusive games for Xbox One got canceled. Most Xbox fans at that time were furious, and some may switch to Sony. To make it even worst, Playstation 4 sold twice as much as Xbox One worldwide to date.

The Scorpio will be a direct competitor to Sony's Playstation Pro. It will be the fourth Xbox console generation since the original launch at 2001. Last week, Digital Foundry has been invited exclusively by Microsoft to reveal the details about Project Scorpio. You can look their video presentation below.


To sum it up, here's the brief official specs or Project Scorpio

  • Eight custom CPU cores clocked at 2.3GHz
  • 326GB/s of memory bandwidth
  • 1172MHz GPU - with 40 customised compute units
  • 12GB GDDR5 memory
  • 1TB HDD
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray disc player
  • 4K gaming support
  • VR support

And in details, when compared to Xbox One and Ps4 Pro :

project scorpio specs

When we look at the table, we can see that the Scorpio use much faster GPU / CPU and 4GB more RAM than the PS4 Pro. On the paper, the Scorpio is set to offer better graphics and memory handling than the PS4 pro.

 project scorpio

Project Scorpio uses a large, revised and better CPU/GPU cooler but still use the same X-clamp system to tie the heatsink down to the motherboard. The Blu-ray drive sits on the right side of the console - in contrary to all the previous generation of Xbox. The internal power supply unit is 245W, and the component naming uses the same concept found in Xbox One S.

project scorpio

Microsoft also removes the Kinect port from the Scorpio, and the motherboard form seems pretty much similar to Playstation 4. The hard drive and the optical drive socket is similar to Xbox 360 and Xbox One version.

Project Scorpio will use 12GB DDR5 (instead of ESRAM plus DDR3) where the 4GB responsible for core system function that will boost the memory needed to run games up to 60% when runs on the Xbox One.
The Blu-ray drive will support 4K UHD which make it the first console to utilize those drive for gaming.

From the software side, the Scorpio won't have any exclusive titles. It is because it can natively run all Xbox One games and specific Xbox 360 titles. Third party developers may freely choose to add patches to support 4K and 60 fps gaming.

Project Scorpio pricing will be higher than Xbox One, aimed at premium hardcore gamers with a premium price tag. A slightly similar pricing concept which found on the Xbox One standard controller versus the Xbox One elite controller.

Will Project Scorpio take over the Sony Playstation domination? Only time will tell.